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At Keys Innovative Solutions, we are committed to increasing the capabilities we can offer to our clients. We are continuously investigating other areas in which we can bring value to our clients.

STREAMLINE – A multifaceted Web2Print solution designed to enhance productivity

  • Presenting the key to your entire print production success
  • Fewer touches, more productivity, lower total cost
  • Unlock unlimited opportunities with an online portal
  • Simplify account setup and user management
  • Personalize communication
  • Optimize kitting and warehousing
  • Expedite ordering and payment processes
  • Track order approval and shipping status
  • Improve efficiency through advanced reporting
  • Rely on Streamline to optimize your print production process and reduce time to market

AUGMENTED REALITY – Bridging the physical and digital worlds

  • Augmented reality adds a layer of digital information to what is viewed in real-time through a device’s camera lens.
  • It requires a native app that uses augmented reality technology to essentially take over the device’s camera to track a recognizable trigger.
  • It can be used to enhance print, directing the user to an interactive and engaging experience.
  • Leverage technology to deliver relevant experiences, deepening engagement and motivating action.
  • Extend and expand communications materials creating seamless digital connections.
  • Target the right information when, where and how prospects and customers are interacting.
  • Providing additional value to the customer experience

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